Camp Programs

Every program is specifically designed to help our campers immerse themselves in nature and build community. The natural part of what we do is easy to understand, but building community is sometimes hard to grasp. Let us give you an example:

Every Thursday night many families from all different parts of town come to enjoy camp and each other! This is Family Night!! As a parent you come in the early evening to eat at our weekly cook out, meet your child's counselor and friends, see awesome skits, and see your camper rewarded for their contributions to our camp community. Then if you are lucky, you get to watch a gorgeous sunset over The Bay. When you leave, you understand how "building community" takes place at Camp Wabansi.

 If there is a question we do not answer, please contact us. We are here to help you!

Currently summer camp is scheduled to run as usual, if we are directed 

to cancel summer camp due to COVID-19 risk, we will refund all camp fees. Be sure to register to secure your spot.

We will communicate any program changes immediately if they occur.

Traditional Day Camp (Ages 7-14)

Get the most out of summer by choosing our Y Camp.

Specialty Camps (Ages 10-14)

The next step for adventurous youth!

Teen Leadership Programs (Ages 14-17)

Programs to enrich your teen with the character values of the Y.  



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