Specialty Camps

Day Camp Programs for ages 10-14

Your camper might want a new challenge without missing his or her favorite Wabansi traditions.  Specialty camps are made for your child. Our specially trained staff offer adventures and excursions during the week that allow campers to try something new while also being able to spend time at the camp they love so much.  It's the best of both worlds!


Survivor Camp

We never vote your child off the island, but they might feel like they are on a special island. Your tribe will be challenged with many outdoor skills including fire-building, basic first-aid, raft-building, and making shelters. They will create some awesome meals over the fire and, if they choose to stay overnight on Thursday, their tribe and counselors will camp out in Wabansi's famous "Yabwe" campsite and experience a special tribal council ceremony.  Don't miss out on this camp tradition - stay overnight!

Do not hesistate to come twice!  Survivor camp changes each session based on our counselors' specialized knowledge and campers' unique interests.  Campers came twice last year because it was totally different and crazy cool.

Typical Week Schedule:

On Monday we meet our tribe and the counselors that will lead us through challenges and adventures all week.  Every day we learn something new!  It feels like we're on our own island because we get to spend a lot of time at Wabansi's "Yabwe" campsite, learning outdoor living skills and doing team-building activities with our tribe members.  At the Thursday overnight we get to camp out and we have a special tiki-lit Tribal Council where we talk about how well our new friends showed the core values of Honesty, Respect, Responsibility, and Caring throughout the week.  At the end of the week we go home with new skills and new friends.  Everybody wins at this Survivor!

2020 Survivor Camp Session Dates and Prices:

Week 3: June 29-July 3 

Week 9: August 10-14

*You receive a 20% discount for each program you register for after your first.  
This applies to all of Wabansi's programs.*

Y Member 1st Week = $269
Y Member After 1st Week = $215
Non-Member 1st Week = $284
Non-Member After 1st Week= $227




 Zippin' Adventure

Ready to Zip?  Zip Ready!  Zipping?  Zip On!

Wondering what that is all about?  That’s exactly what you’ll hear called out across the beautiful Door County countryside just before you take the jump down the zip line!  We’re taking trips up to Door County Adventures for the thrill of a lifetime.  Your camper will participate in a zip line excursion as well as kayaking and other great camp activities.  All activities are conducted under the supervision of certified zip line operators and adventure guides.

2020 Zippin' Adventure Session Date and Prices:

Week 7: July 27-31

*You receive a 20% discount for each program you register for after your first.  
This applies to all of Wabansi's programs.*

Y Member 1st Week = $374
Y Member After 1st Week = $299
Non-Member 1st Week = $389
Non-Member After 1st Week= $311


 Family Night

Thursday night is special at Camp Wabansi because parents, relatives, and friends are invited to join the fun!  Campers and their guests enjoy a grilled hot dog dinner, meet the counselors, take a tour of camp, and laugh the evening away as campers take center stage to perform hilarious skits and songs.  There's bound to be some surprises, too - the staff may put together a skit of their own!

Thursday Overnight Stayover Option

Campers can choose to spend the night at camp on Thursday night after the Family Night program for an additional fee of $30.  After bunking down in one of our rustic cabins, campers enjoy an evening all-camp game, campfire, snack, and witness some of camp's oldest friendly legends come to life!  Parents consistently tell us that spending the night at camp with friends and counselors was a great step of independence to take with their child.

Pick Up / Drop off Locations and Additional Child Care Options

Before & After Care 

$15 per child, per week of camp is all it takes to send your camper to the YMCA's Before and After Care program. It is offered at the West Side YMCA and Langlade School. Care begins at 7:00 AM and concludes at 6:00 PM. You may sign up for this care when you register for camp. 

New Bussing information for 2020:  On Thursday afternoons and Friday mornings, there will only be one drop off and pick up location – the West Side Y.  If your child returns from camp on Thursday afternoons, they will be brought to the WSY.  If they are riding the bus to camp on Friday morning, your camper will need to be brought to the WSY as that is where the bus will be picking them up and bringing them to camp.  There is NO BUS at Langlade or ESY on Thursday afternoons or Friday mornings. 

West Side YMCA

Pick-Up 8:00 AM / Drop-Off 4:40 PM

Langlade School

Pick-Up D7:45 AM / rop-Off 4:40 PM

East Side YMCA

Pick-Up 8:15 AM / Drop-Off 4:15 PM

Camp Drop Off

Pick-Up 9:00 AM / Drop-Off 3:45 PM 











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Bike Ride

2016Wabansi Kayakers 1

Bikes And Thumbs Up

Girls Lined Up For Paddling


Slippin Slide 2

Smiling Laddy

Stick Boy

Sunset Group Shot

Survivor Fire

Three For Canoeing

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Paddle Boat Buddies

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