Traditional Day Camp Program Ages 7-14


When your child tells you about their adventures at Camp Wabansi, you'll hear all about boating, swimming, singing camp songs, shooting bows and arrows, building campfires, creating art, close encounters with wildlife, playing sports, taking nature hikes, team-building, and endless fun.  In fact, they are returning home with new skills, interests, character values, and amazing memories.

When you snap a photo of your child being recognized by their own counselor on Family Night for the way they cared for a fellow camper, played with good sportsmanship, or acted as a role model for others, you will truly know the essence of the Camp Wabansi experience!

YMCA Camp Wabansi is a great way for kids to stay active throughout the summer!  After your first week you can sign up for additional sessions with a 20% discount.  Fun and unique experiences each week coupled with outstanding supervision make coming mulitple weeks a great option for your camper.  

Typical Day

Short Bus Ride To Camp. The bus ride goes really fast because the counselors are so fun! They have us singing songs, waking up cows, and laughing all the way to camp.

Morning Flag Ceremonies. We say the pledge, and our counselors show us a silly skit to remind us of ways we can be honest, respectful, responsible, and caring at camp.

Counselor Time.  Sometimes our counselor tells us stories, sometimes we play games, and sometimes we talk about stuff like friends and hobbies.

Activity Times. Our counselors are always showing us how we can help each other have fun, like helping to aim for the bullseye in archery.

Boating. This is one of our favorite things to do. If the water isn't too choppy, we get to boat every week! Our lifeguard teaches us how to move forward, backwards, and turn around.  The water is really shallow, and even if we're not strong swimmers, we are always safe by wearing lifejackets.

Program Times. We learn about nature, make crafts, build campfires, create skits, experience team building, play sports, and lots more.

Lunch. We always have lunch with our counselor and the rest of our tribe.  The counselors will sing songs during lunch, too, and we get to sing along.  Don't forget to throw away your trash and always recycle!

Swimming. We get swim time every afternoon.  Some people like to swim, others like to hang out on the beach and play in the sand. Sometimes we work as a team to build really big sand castles.

Tie Dye Tuesday. Oh yeah!  There are lots of traditions at Camp Wabansi.  Every Tuesday, we get to tie-dye a t-shirt.  The teen leaders show us how to make really cool designs.

Themed Thursdays. Every Thursday is Theme Day!  We get to dress up like superheroes, pirates, or even animals.  Then we play a bunch of awesome games that have to do with the theme of the week.

Coolest Part. Our counselors let us have fun, and they compliment us on things like when we're honest when we play sports and caring when we help each other.

Family Night

Thursday night is special at Camp Wabansi because parents, relatives, and friends are invited to join the fun!  Campers and their guests enjoy a grilled hot dog dinner, meet the counselors, take a tour of camp, and laugh the evening away as campers take center stage to perform hilarious skits and songs.  There's bound to be some surprises, too - the staff may put together a skit of their own!

Thursday Overnight Stayover Option

Campers can choose to spend the night at camp on Thursday night after the Family Night program for an additional fee of $30.  After bunking down in one of our rustic cabins, campers enjoy an evening all-camp game, campfire, snack, and witness some of camp's oldest friendly legends come to life!  Parents consistently tell us that spending the night at camp with friends and counselors was a great step of independence to take with their child.

Pick Up / Drop off Locations and Additional Child Care Options

Before & After Care 

$15 per child, per week of camp is all it takes to send your camper to the YMCA's Before and After Care program. It is offered at the West Side YMCA and Langlade School. Care begins at 7:00 AM and concludes at 6:00 PM. You may sign up for this care when you register for camp. 

New Bussing Information for 2019:  On Thursday afternoons and Friday mornings, there will only be one drop off and pick up location – the West Side Y.  If your child returns from camp on Thursday afternoons, they will be brought to the WSY.  If they are riding the bus to camp on Friday morning, your camper will need to be brought to the WSY as that is where the bus will be picking them up and bringing them to camp.  There is NO BUS at Langlade or ESY on Thursday afternoons or Friday mornings. 

West Side YMCA

Pick-Up 8:00 AM / Drop-Off 4:40 PM

Langlade School

Pick-Up 7:45 AM / rop-Off 4:40 PM

East Side YMCA

Pick-Up 8:15 AM / Drop-Off 4:15 PM

Camp Drop Off

Pick-Up 9:00 AM / Drop-Off 3:45 PM 

Session Dates and Prices for 2019

Each week has a unique theme associated with it.  Throughout the week campers will participate in fun and unique activities based around the theme.  Feel free to call the camp office during the summer if you have any questions about specific events happening each week.  

Traditional Day Camp Prices 2019

1st Week YMCA Member = $210
All Additional Weeks for a YMCA Member  = $168 / week (20% Discount)

1st Week Non-YMCA Member = $225
All Additional Weeks for a Non-YMCA Member = $180 / week (20% Discount)

Multi-Week Discount
Your first week at Wabansi is full price, all weeks you register for after that are discounted 20%.  Our registration system will not automatically apply a discount to your session.  To take advantage of the multi-week discount of 20% please register for all the weeks you would like to attend and only pay the deposit.  This will secure your registration.  Please call our office and our business manager will apply the discounts to your sessions.  Discounts flow in the chronological order of the program schedule.  For example, if you registered for Week 5 Traditional Day Camp and Week 3 Survivor Specialty Camp you would receive the discount on Week 5.  If you registered for Week 2 Traditional Day Camp, Week 3 Survivor Specialty Camp, and Week 5 Horse Specialty Camp you would receive the discount on Weeks 3 and 5.  It's a sweet deal!

Week 10: August 12-15 is automatically discounted 20%, no additional discounts apply.

All prices include transportation to and from our Green Bay drop off locations.

Overnight Stayover
Additional Option to Each Session: Overnight Stayover on Thursday = $30 (No discounts apply)

Financial Assistance
Money should never be a barrier for a child to access outstanding summer camp programming.  If the fees are an issue, please consider taking advantage of our financial assistance.  Complete the financial assistance form and send it to our office manager.  We raise funds each year to help kids get to camp.

Financial Assistance Form

Traditional Day Camp Dates 2019 

 Week 1      No Camp                  Staff Training 

Week 2      June 17-21                 Wacky Wabansi

Week 3      June 24-28                 Party in the USA

Week 4      No Camp                    4th of July Holiday 

Week 5       July 8-12                    Minecraft

Week 6       July 15-19                  Superheroes

Week 7       July 22-26                  Got Science?

Week 8       July 29-August 2        Olympics

Week 9       August 5-9                  Wet & Wild

Week 10     Augut 12-15*              Camp Rewind

*Week 10 is Mon-Thurs only. There is no Thursday overnight. 20% discount applies






Beach Ball

Archery Boy

Arts Funny


2016Wabansi Kayakers 3

Counselor Buddy Check

Boy Tie Die

Canoeing And People In The Back

Arts And Crafts Sign


Slippin Slide Splash

Paddle Boat Buddies

Hot Dogs In Fire

Green And Gold Week

Sunset Group Shot